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Build 2 Extensions Bundle

$120 $189
  • Build 2 in Blush 
  • Build 2 in Cameo
  • Build 2 in Tawny
  • Build 2 in Clear
  • Luxa Prime



Easy and convenient builder gel in a bottle. If you can paint, you can build with our new Luxa Build. Specially formulated for less flooding into the cuticles and side walls. 

Luxa Build 2 is perfect for extensions. It's a thicker, slow moving gel with the same features as our standard Luxa Build with even more play time. Perfect for longer nails and extra added strength.

Looking for a thinner viscosity builder gel for overlays? Check out our Build Overlays Bundle.

Curing times may vary based on your lamp. LED 60 secs. UV 2 minutes.

15mL / 0.5 fl oz
Professional use only.

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