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Luxapolish Build 2 in a Jar - Set

$187 $296

This SET includes 1 jar of each Build 2 in a Jar color: Blush, Cameo, Tawny, and Clear. 4 jars total.

This builder gel comes in a jar, ready to use with your favorite brushes. Specially formulated for less flooding into the cuticles and side walls. Great for adding strength to thin, flexible natural nails and easy to build extensions.

Our Luxa Build system gives you choices. No more working with gels that don't work with you.

  • Want a faster, flowing builder gel? Our standard Luxa Build has just the perfect amount of flow without needing to race against the clock. 
  • Prefer working with a thicker, slow moving gel? Luxa Build 2 has the same features as our standard Luxa Build with even more play time. Perfect for longer nails and extra added strength.

    Luxa Build has a slightly thinner viscosity with faster self leveling time and a softer color than Luxa Build 2.

    Curing times may vary based on your lamp. LED 60 secs. UV 2 minutes.

    20g Net Weight | Approx 1 fl oz per jar
    Professional use only.

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