Luxapolish Bewitched Colour Shift Vol II - 3pcs

$90.00 $102.00

There's no better colour shift for Valentine's Day! From hot fiery reds to dark sultry mahoganys, these gels let you represent a wide range of emotions. Get ready for passion and romance with these STUNNING colour-shifting gels.


This set includes color-shifting gels that change when exposed to different temperatures. Bewitched Color Shift II gels shift from bright, saturated colors when hot to dark reds when cold.

Soak off, durable and long lasting gel polish.

15mL / 0.5 fl oz
Professional use only.


  1. Stir Well.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Luxa Gel Colour over cured Luxa Base or cleansed enhancements. Cure. 
  3. Apply a second layer. Cure

Cure: LED 60 secs / UV 2 mins.

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