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Luxapolish Chameleon Glitz - Scorpion

$9 $15


Chameleon shifting glitters. Perfect as an accent nail or pair them with our Chameleon Flakes or Oil Slick Chromes.

Quiet Riot - shifts from purple, blue to copper
Twisted Sister - shifts from gold to green
Scorpions - shifts from magenta, copper and green

4 grams in each jar.



Textured (Sugar Nails):

  1. Apply base gel color of choice. Cure
  2. Apply a layer of Luxa Base - DO NOT CURE.
  3. Sprinkle enough glitter to fully cover the nail over the uncured Luxa Base. Tap off excess glitter.
  4. Cure in LED/UV (a double/triple cure time is recommended for sugar nails)
  5. Done & Enjoy!


  1. Apply base gel color of choice. Cure
  2. Press glitter into the cured tacky layer and rub until all glitter is laying flat.
  3. (Optional) Apply Luxa Base. Cure. Repeat step 2.
  4. Finish with Luxa Shine. Cure.
  5. Done & Enjoy!

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