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Luxapolish Matrix Sculpting Gel - Warm

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Luxa Matrix is a revolutionary gel enhancement system. Lightweight and durable. Cures like a gel, yet sculpts like an acrylic.

Unlike acrylic, there is no strong smell or the need to stress about the perfect liquid to powder ratio.

Unlike traditional builder gels, there is no more chasing your gels around or the uncomfortable heat spike.

And best of all, unlike polygels, there is no need for any special solution to sculpt Luxa Matrix. 70% or higher isopropyl alcohol is what we recommend.

With Luxa Matrix you can sculpt beautiful enhancements with ease using a one ball method and without the fuss.

-Includes Matrix Tube Key


  1. Prep and cleanse nail.
  2. (Optional) Apply acid free primer, Luxa Prime.
  3. Apply thin layer of Luxa Base. Cure.
  4. Cut desired bead of Luxa Matrix and place on nail.
  5. Use gel brush with 70% Alcohol and sculpt Luxa Matrix into desired shape. Cure.
  6. Wipe cured Luxa Matrix with Alcohol.
  7. Shape, refine and buff.
  8. Finish with Luxa Gel Color or Luxa Shine.
  9. Cure time may vary based on your lamp. LED 30 secs. UV 2 minutes.

* Each tube can perform 30 services. May vary based on nail length and/or any product waste.

60g/ 2 oz Net Weight
Professional use only.

Luxapolish Matrix Sculpting Gel - Warm
Luxapolish Matrix Sculpting Gel - Warm Sale price$78.00