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*NEW* Luxapolish Nail Dust Collector*NEW* Luxapolish Nail Dust Collector
*NEW* Luxapolish Nail Dust Collector Plus
Arm Rest
Arm Rest Sale price$20.00
Asten Disinfectant SprayAsten Disinfectant Spray
Asten Disinfectant Spray Sale price$17.50
Asten Disinfectant Spray - 4L
Asten Nail & Cuticle OilAsten Nail & Cuticle Oil
Asten Nail & Cuticle Oil Sale price$17.00
Bling It Diamond GelBling It Diamond Gel
Bling It Diamond Gel Sale price$25.00
Brush HolderBrush Holder
Brush Holder Sale price$10.00
Crystal PickerCrystal Picker
Crystal Picker Sale price$12.00
Diamond Nippers
Diamond Nippers Sale price$10.00
Diamond Sponges
Diamond Sponges Sale price$4.00
Dust BrushDust Brush
Dust Brush Sale price$4.00
Foil Remover WrapsFoil Remover Wraps
Foil Remover Wraps Sale price$8.00
Glass Dappen Dish
Glass Dappen Dish Sale price$4.00
Luxapolish 10pk Pro Sponge Buffer 100/180
Luxapolish 20pk Mini BuffersLuxapolish 20pk Mini Buffers
Luxapolish 20pk Pro Zebra File 100/100Luxapolish 20pk Pro Zebra File 100/100
Luxapolish 20pk Pro Zebra File 100/180Luxapolish 20pk Pro Zebra File 100/180
Luxapolish 20pk Pro Zebra File 150/150Luxapolish 20pk Pro Zebra File 150/150
Luxapolish 20pk Pro Zebra File 80/80Luxapolish 20pk Pro Zebra File 80/80
Luxapolish 3pc Dotting ToolsLuxapolish 3pc Dotting Tools
Luxapolish Detail Liner Brush #1
Luxapolish Detailer Brush #4
Luxapolish Dual Lamp V2Luxapolish Dual Lamp V2
Luxapolish Dual Lamp V2 Sale price$435.00
Luxapolish Dust Collector Replacement Filter
Luxapolish Fluffy Dust Brush
Luxapolish Gel Brush #6
Luxapolish Gel Brush #6 Sale price$27.00
Luxapolish Long Liner Brush #3
Luxapolish Matrix BrushLuxapolish Matrix Brush
Luxapolish Matrix Brush Sale price$27.00
Luxapolish Ombre Gel Brush #5Luxapolish Ombre Gel Brush #5
Luxapolish Pro Brush Oval XLLuxapolish Pro Brush Oval XL
Luxapolish Pro Brush Square XLLuxapolish Pro Brush Square XL
Luxapolish Silicone Pen
Luxapolish Silicone Pen Sale price$12.00
Luxapolish SpatulaLuxapolish Spatula
Luxapolish Spatula Sale price$12.00
Luxapolish Ultra Liner Brush #2
Sold outMarbled Arm Rest
Marbled Arm Rest Sale price$35.00
Sold outNail Art Storage - 12 compartmentNail Art Storage - 12 compartment
Nail Art Storage - 20 compartmentNail Art Storage - 20 compartment
Nail Brush
Nail Brush Sale price$2.00
Nail SwatchesNail Swatches
Nail Swatches Sale price$10.00
Nail Wipes - 1000pkNail Wipes - 1000pk
Nail Wipes - 1000pk Sale price$10.00
Nail Wipes - 500pkNail Wipes - 500pk
Nail Wipes - 500pk Sale price$10.00
Nitrile Powder Free Gloves
Soak off Clips
Soak off Clips Sale price$8.00
Striping Tape Dispenser - set of 3Striping Tape Dispenser - set of 3
Transfer Foil WalletTransfer Foil Wallet
Transfer Foil Wallet Sale price$10.00
Triangle Nail Art Tray - pack of 5Triangle Nail Art Tray - pack of 5