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About Us

My name is Anna and I am the owner of Nail Art. I have been a qualified nail technician for over 19 years. I myself caught the nail art bug and found myself on the lookout for new products. My search took me to America and Luxapolish and I fell in love!

Through my passion for their products, I quickly became a Brand Ambassador for Luxapolish and when the opportunity arose to become the first New Zealand Distributor, I jumped at the chance to be able to bring this brand to New Zealand for other nail technicians.

My journey continued as I looked to add a line of high quality tools and this lead me to Staleks - a wide range of high quality stainless steel tools made in Ukraine. Staleks is a brand loved and used by many European Nail Techs and I knew this was the range I needed to bring to New Zealand.

I understand it is not easy to source high quality nail products here so I am thrilled to be able to bring these Brands to New Zealand and Australia. I hope you enjoy using all the products I have available as much as I do!