Do Luxa Shine and Luxa Matte only work on gel polish? 

No, they work over everything...nail related that is. Luxa Shine and Luxa Matte are both a universal no wipe gel top coat that can be applied over acrylics, hard gels, most gel polish systems and even directly over natural nails.

What is the curing time for the Luxa gel products?  

Recommended curing time is 30 seconds - 1 minute for LED and 2 minutes for UV in a 36 watt lamp. If you have an older lamp or are unsure of the wattage of your lamp, we recommend doing a double cure.

Does Luxa Prime work with acrylics? 

Luxa prime is an acid free primer that can be used with any system: acrylics, hard gels and gel polish. Unlike traditional acid primers, after Luxa Prime is applied, it leaves a sticky surface on the natural nail giving awesome adhesion for all enhancement services

Does Luxa Matte stay matte? 

As you wear Luxa Matte, it can start looking satiny due to makeup, lotions, oils, etc. But no worries! Just wipe your nails with some Isopropyl Alcohol and viola! Matte nails again.

Do I need to purchase Luxa Shine in order to use Luxa powders? 

Let's put it this way....It's like buying an awesome shampoo and not getting the awesome conditioner with it. We have tested our powders with our gels. You definitely can use other brands of no wipe top coat, but we can't be sure of the outcome. 

What are some recommendations for extra protection over Luxa Powders to prevent chipping? 

We suggest two methods. It will be based on you and/or your clients needs. 

    • Method 1. After pigment application, apply Luxa Prime over the nail making sure to cover the side walls and free edge (Use a very light touch). Then apply Luxa Base. Cure. Finish with Luxa Shine. Cure.
    • Method 2. After pigment application, apply Luxa Prime over the nail making sure to cover the side walls and free edge (Use a very light touch). Finish with Luxa Shine. Cure.