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Full Cover Tips


How to apply:
1. Prep and cleanse natural nails. 
2. Apply Red Iguana UV primer on nails and cure (LED 60 secs / UV 2 min).
3. Apply UV Primer inside of pre-roughened soft gel tips and cure (LED 60 secs / UV 2 min).
4. Apply Red Iguana Base & Build gel to soft gel tips and press on to the natural nail. Cure (LED 60 secs / UV 2 min).
These Tips can be used with your preferred choice of Builder Gel or Polygel/Hybrid Gel.

How to remove:
Removal will depend on the product you have used to attach your soft gel tips.
If your product is soak-off:
1. Cut excessive length.
2. File off 80-90% of tips and gel.
3. Saturate a cotton pad with 100% acetone, place over the nail, and wrap with foil.
4. Allow the acetone to do the work for you - this can take 10-20 min depending on the amount of product you left on the nail prior to soaking with acetone.
5. Once the product is lifting and looks ready to be scraped off, use a cuticle pusher and remove the gel from the nail. Take care to be gentle, but firm, and if the gel doesn't want to come off, put the acetone wrap back on the nail.
If your product is file off:
1. File off completely with a hand file or e-file.