Luxapolish Illuminati - Pac

$5.00 $12.00


Welcome to the mystery of the Illuminati Collection featuring 12 colors to spice up your nail game.

Dimensional like studs. Brilliant like crystals.

These sequin like glitters are not bulky and can easily be top coated without losing its shine or luster.

This collection will have people asking you the secret. Are they glitter? Are they studs? Are they crystals? Only you will know.

*colors may vary slightly in person due to monitor screen and lighting.

1.5 grams in a 3 gram jar.


    1. Apply base gel color of choice. Cure
    2. Apply a layer of Luxa Base - DO NOT CURE.
    3. Place Illuminati on nail. When happy with placement, cure.
    4. Finish with Luxa Shine.

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