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Luxapolish Chrome



High quality mirror chrome shine. Luxa Chrome comes in one colour. Our chrome will still show your base color slightly so the finished options are limitless!! Eg: deep yellow base = gold chrome, coral = Rose gold chrome, etc.  

2 grams in a 3 gram sealed jar.
Professional use only.


  1. Use 1-2 layers of gel colour of choice. Cure.

  2. Apply a thin layer of Luxa Shine top coat and cure. (LED 30 secs / UV 2 min)

  3. For best even coverage use 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol on a lint free pad or paper towel. Then wipe the entire nail with the alcohol. Let dry. (1-3 seconds)

  4. With applicator pick up a small amount of pigment. Use light pressure to rub pigment into the nail. Use an up and down and circular motion to ensure full coverage of pigment. (Do steps 3 & 4 one nail at a time)

  5. Dust off any remaining pigment off the nail.

  6. (Recommended) Apply Luxa Prime on the free edge and side walls to prevent any chipping.

  7. (Optional) For extra protection apply a thin layer of Luxa Base. Cure

  8. Finish with Luxa Shine top coat and cure (LED 30 secs/ UV 2 min)

  9. Repeat steps 3 - 6 if more coverage is desired.

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