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Luxapolish Super Galaxy Holo

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Take your holo game to the next level. No muddy grey colour. 

Super Galaxy Holo is all that is holo. These holographic flakes are more than just a glitter effect. You have to see it in person to believe it. Very fiery and bright! 

0.25 grams of loose flakes in a 3 gram sealed jar.
Professional use only.


For regular polish:

  1. Apply base color of choice. Allow polish to dry slightly to a tacky finish. Add the flakes on top of the sticky polish, lightly pressing them flat.
  2. Seal with two layers of top coat.

For gel:

  1. Apply base color of choice. Cure.
  2. Add flakes onto the tacky layer.
  3. Lightly smooth flakes on the nails.
  4. (Suggested) Apply a thin coat of Luxa Prime.
  5. (Optional) For extra protection, apply Luxa Base. Cure.
  6. Finish with gel top coat or Luxa Shine or Luxa Matte


  1. Apply gel color of choice. Cure.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Luxa Shine top coat and cure. (LED 30 secs / UV 2 min)
  3. Pick up a small amount of Flakes. Use light pressure to press into the nail.
  4. Dust off any remaining pigment off the nail. 
  5. Apply a thin layer of Luxa Shine or Luxa Matte top coat and cure (LED 30 secs/ UV 2 min)
Luxapolish Super Galaxy Holo
Luxapolish Super Galaxy Holo Sale price$15.00 Regular price$32.00